8051 Microcontroller Trainer Kit

Technical Specification:

8051 PC with ISP features
In- circuit Programming and serial communication through PC.
8-bit-8 channel ADC with I/Ps from multi-turns potentiometers.
Two 6V relays with isolated O/Ps.
All interrupts available on header.
16x2 LCD display
8 I/Ps from DIP switches.
8 O/Ps available on LED's
Four multiplexed 7-segment displays
4 push buttons for study

DTMF Interface
RF Interface
4x4 Matrix Hex Keypad
Stepper and D.C Motor Interface
Buzzer Section
IR Transmitter/ Receiver
LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)
LM- 35 Temperature Sensor
Wireless Interface with Advanced Application
Windows based driver software for programming.

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