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Chapter 1:
1.1 Introduction:
ARMbedded Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is an embedded design house. It provides out-of-the-box solution from concept to reality. It is registered under company act. 1956 and ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and it also has a TIN no 06542829827. The Company is one of the innovations, dedication and diversification in the field of Embedded, Advanced Embedded System Design, Embedded Wireless PLC SCADA & AUTOMATIONS, VLSI, MATLAB, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, PRO-E.

1.1.2 Corporate overview:
We undertake various turnkey projects related to industrial automation, domestic applications and higher end biomedical applications. We deal in following Technical Domain:Embedded System Design , VLSI Design, Embedded Wireless Design, PLC SADA & Automations, Basic digital Electronics Labs, Basic Analog Electronics Labs, Fiber Optics Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Communication Lab, Linear Integrated circuit Lab & other Basic labs.

1.1.2 Company’s Contour:
We design, manufacture and deliver technical goods as per customer requirements and needs.

1.1.3 The ARMbedded Group
The ARMbedded Group has three subdivision departments which jointly works so as to reach companies goal and as well as for the companies’ development. They are as followed: ARMbedded Electronics
It’s the main sub-divisional part of the company which works for marketing and works behind for companies’ growth. The company is dedicated for students training & development programs where it is aimed how to train student so as they can know the technology which are leading the world are where only knowledge & talent speaks. ARMbedded labs organizes time to time workshop & seminar and also took guest lectures.
The ARMbedded learning center is the place where all these are done. There are two learning centers the one is in Jaipur (Rajasthan) and another one is situated in Rohtak (Haryana).
In ARMbedded R&D cell a project is converted into a product. The soul of this department is to make or work on a project that is attractive & innovative depending on customer needs or a student’s thought. This department is also concerned with marketing department.

1.1.4 Departments at ARMbedded Electronics
The ARMbedded Group has following departments:
Industrial Training & Development
R & D Centre Application
In application department our various kits are tested at each level so that before delivering our goods to the companies or educational institutions we test our kits at various levels and make sure that it is error free and if there is any bug we fix at the moments. We are also welcomed by companies to develop application for their technical goods. Marketing:
This department has a team of marketing professionals who knows how and where our products should be sold. As the production of technical goods is key part of the company in a similar way the marketing department is quiet necessary to withstand a company in a market where there is always many competitors. Production:
We manufacture and deliver technical goods as per customer requirements and needs. We develop industrial products various educational purpose lab equipment like embedded system design la, advanced design lab, PLC & SCADA panels and protoboards in the respective domains, which are used in educational institutes. These protoboards are so designed that a student working on it develops a complete knowledge from firmware development to interfacing to various active and passive components. Industrial Training & Development
Training is imparted in all the four domains. Training is such that it equip an engineer/student to use the practical knowledge gained here, fully in the field. We also undertake training for corporate in all the respective domains. R & D Centre:
ARMbedded Electronics Pvt. Ltd. has state-of-the-art computerized design facilities and a team of design engineers to develop any equipment as per the customer’s need. Al arrangements are made right from start to end of project i.e. designing, manufacturing, installation etc. CADD Centre
ARMbedded CADD center is dedicated to provide the design technology to the mechanical and civil aspirants. In todays scenario the knowledge and skills of CAD (i.e. Computer Aided Design) is highly required for getting a secure future but there are lack of educational institutions which covers the design in there curriculam. In order to fill the gap we have came up with an extensive knowledge of design technology to deliver those students who want to grasp the knowledge of design technology as well as who want to make a carrier in there core field.

1.1.5 After Sales Service
Company has a team of professional service engineers equipped with latest communication system for an effective after sales service. Periodical checks are also carried out as preventive maintenance.

1.1.6 Infrastructure
In infrastructure, we are having two fully ac labs in Jaipur (Rajasthan) & as well as in Rohtak (Haryana) with projector facility. The labs are equipped with pc & with complete practical & development kits.

1.1.7 Manufacturing Process
We design circuit and pcb layout and after that we assemble components & its testing. Apart from it we also design & develop industrial projects as per the requirements. We have developed various kinds of embedded development kits and also dedicated to develop more and more. In automation we are an emerging manufacturer for various PLC & SCADA panels and motor driver circuits.

1.1.8 Faculty Design Engineer Profile
The personnel undertaking the training are actual design and application engineers. The basic qualification is masters or even higher in technology. They bear huge experience in terms of practical experience in developing applications using these technologies. We provide corporate as well as Industrial Training.

1.2 Services Offered
We deals in various public sector, private institute & government sector/organizations. Some of our regular customers or clients are as followed where we are always welcome to deliver technical goods as well as seminar, workshop and guest lectures.
Some that clients are:
Manipal University, Jaipur,
Vanasthali University, Jaipur,
Government College of Bikaner
Rajasthan College of Engineering for Women, Jaipur
R.P.S. College, Mohindergarh
B.R.C.M., Bhiwani
M.R.K.I.E.T., Rewari
D.A.V.I.E.T., Kanina
Shankara Institute Of Technology, Jaipur

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