GPS Trainer kit

CDMA Trainerkit comprises of detailed process of CDMA techniques of sending any information with security. One will get the knowledge of the basic mechanism used in the CDMA. The kit comprises of CDMA-DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) and CDMA-FHSS (Frequency Hopping Sprea d Spectrum) along with slow/fast hoping feature. One can also learn about BPSK Modulator and Demodulator and DSS S generation and reception.

Technical Specification :
Freq. : L1 C/A
Channel : 12
Position accuracy : 25 meters CEP without SA
Vel. Accuracy : 0.1meters/sec
Time synchronized to GPS time
Update rate : 1/sec
Serial communication: 4800 Baud
Current : 180mA
Receiver sensitivity: -175dB
Max. Speed: 515meters/sec
Max. Altitude: 18000meters
Nuvoton W78E052D C with ISP features
In- circuit Programming and serial communication through PC.
8-bit-8 channel ADC with I/Ps from multi-turns potentiometers.
8- bit single channel DAC

Two 6V relays with isolated O/Ps.
All interrupts available on header.
16X2 LCD display
8 I/Ps from DIP switches.
8 O/Ps available on LED's
Four multiplexed 7-segment displays
4 push buttons for interrupt study
Windows based driver software for programming.
4x4 Matrix Hex Keypad
Stepper and D.C Motor Interface
Buzzer Section
IR Transmitter/ Receiver
LDR (Light Dependent Resistor).
LM- 35 Temperature Sensor
RF Receiver

Functions :
Understanding The Navigation System
How GPS works
Methods Used in tracking the location
Real Time Study of GPS
Tracking The Current Location

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