1. Intelligent automatic THREE phase shifter system
2. Location driven car music player (plays devotional songs near temples, shuts at home etc.)
3. Microcontroller based digital clock with Graphical LCD and Sanskrit font (or any regional fonts) numbers. Remote-controlled fan Regulator.
4. RF transceiver (Zigbee/x-bee) based energy meter monitoring System. Speed control of DC Motor using pulse width modulation
5. Three digit industrial object counter.
6. Touch screen based nurse/attendant calling system for physically impaired.
7. Touch screen based temperature monitoring and control system with graphical LCD. Two digit industrial object counter
8. Password based secured area entry with wrong attempt. Police Siren is activated.
9. PC based wireless notice board.
10. PC controlled scrolling message display for college notice board.
11. Swipe control for PPT presentation.
12. Touch screen based controlling of dc motor.
13. Touch screen based controlling of stepper motor.
14. Touch screen based controlling of wireless dc motor.
15. Touch screen based controlling of wireless stepper motor.
16. Touch screen based industrial automation.
17. Touch screen based modern Home automation system.
18. A low-cost Hand Gesture Human-computer interaction system.
19. AC motor speed control using DTMF.
20. Air velocity monitor.
21. ALARM clock using RTC(time & alarm change facility)
22. Alcohol detection with vehicle controlling system.
23. AT89C51 based stop watch.
24. Auto intensity control of street lights.
25. Automatic advanced Railways gate control system.
26. Automatic Bell for college. 27. Automatic Bidirectional visitor counter using 8051 microcontroller.
28. Automatic car parking indicator system/multilevel.
29. Automatic irrigation system on sensing soil moisture content. 30. Automatic phase changer /Railway Track changer.
31. Automatics Room light controller with visitor counter, Automatic temperature measurement and control automatic water level controller with spoken message automatics window blinds controller using LDR battery level monitor.
32. Cell phone based DTMF controlled Garage door opening system.
33. Code lock for electrical devices.
34. Contact less monitor speed monitoring on Graphical display with high and low speed alerts.
35. Control stepper motor using ULN2003 and 8051 microcontroller.
36. DC motor speed controlled using Remote.
37. Digital clock using RTC DS1307 and 8051 microcontroller with time set.
38. Digital vehicle speedometer with password enabled speed limit setting.
39. Distance measurement by ultrasonic sensor.
40. Distance measurement using Infrared sensor with ADC0804 & 8051 microcontroller.
41. DTMF mobile phone controlled dam water gates controlling system with high level protection.
42. Electronic card lock system.
43. Electronic code lock with user defined password using 8051 microcontroller.
44. Electronic voting machine.
45. Fire monitor using microcontroller.
46. Four Quadrant DC motor speed control with microcontroller.
47. Fully automatic emergency light GEM based home automation security control heart rate monitor using 8051.
48. Home appliances controlled through telephone.
49. Home automatic system.
50. Human sensed automatic door opening and closing system using PIR sensor.
51. Input water sensing and overhead tank filling system.
52. Intelligent overhead tank water level indicator.
53. LCD based digital alarm clock with digital thermometer using 8051 microcontroller.
54. LCD based voting machine using 8051 microcontroller.
55. Lift control system.
56. Light brightness control depends upon sunlight’s intensity.
57. Liquid dispensing system with adjustable quantity for industrial use.
58. Liquid level alarm using 8051 microcontroller.
59. Metro train prototype.
60. Microcontroller based automatic railway gate control system.
61. Microcontroller and RF transceiver based chatting application with keyboard implementation
62. Microcontroller and Touchscreen based wireless library book catalog system.
63. Microcontroller based bidirectional visitor counter.
64. Microcontroller based Electronic voting machine.
65. Microcontroller based Heartbeat Monitor with LCD display.
66. Microcontroller based Wind speed meter with 16*2 LCD display.
67. Mobile phone controlled Street light monitoring and control system.
68. Monitor and control of Greenhouse Environment.
69. Motor speed control using IR sensor.
70. Movement sensed Automatic Door Opening System.
71. Moving message display on LCD.
72. Moving message 16 character display.
73. Non-contact Tachometer.
74. Object Counter.
75. Object counter with 7 segment display.
76. Oil-tank level Indicator Oscilloscope using Graphics LCD parking lift.
77. Password based circuit breaker.
78. Password enabled pre-paid liquid/milk dispensing system.
79. PC to PC communication through Laser/IR.
80. PC/UC based home Automation system.
81. Person counter and password detector system.
82. PIR based energy conservation system for corporate computer and lighting system.
83. PIR sensor based intrusion detection system.
84. Portable recording system for monitoring vehicle speeds.
85. Power monitoring system for motor’s precise digital temperature control precise illumination control of lamp public Garden automation.
86. PWM DC motor speed controller (Microcontroller board+Sensor’s+LCD+DC motor).
87. RF control of induction /DC/stepper motor& other industrial loads.
88. RFID based Secured access system using 8051.
89. Scrolling message display.
90. Security system using laser rays.
91. Security system with user changeable password simple digital clock using 8051 microcontroller soil irrigation system.
92. Solar panel tracking system.
93. Solar powered LED street light with audio intensity control.
94. Speed checker and over speed detection for high speed checker to detect rash driving on highways speed control unit designed for a DC motor. 95. Stopwatch using 8051 microcontroller.
96. Sun tracking solar panel.
97. Tampered energy meter information conveyed to concerned authority by wireless communication.
98. Timer based automatic power cutoff off industrial sealing/packaging machines.
99. Timer based electrical oven temperature monitoring and control for metal industries timer based light on/off.
100. Touch screen based AC motor speed monitoring and control system. 101. Touch screen based digital devices control system.
102. Touch screen based industrial load switching.
103. Traffic light priority control for emergency vehicles.
104. Ultrasonic alarm for visually impaired.
105. Ultrasonic range finder using 8051.
106. Ultrasonic target estimation using sonar technology.
107. Unique office communication system using RF.
108. User programmable password based hotel room door lock.
109. Vehicle speed interceptor vending coffee machine visitor counter.
110. Voice enabled devices switching for visually impaired.
111. Voice operated home appliance control system
112. Water level controller using micro controller watt –hour –meter using microcontroller weather monitoring.
113. Wireless energy meter monitoring system with automatic tariff calculation on handheld.
114. Wireless heartbeat monitoring and alert system.
115. Wireless home security system.

116. GPS and GSM based real-time vehicle tracking on Google earth (with two GSM modems).
117. UPS battery monitoring system over GSM for high availability system (banking/finance/medical etc.)
118. Automated system for fault analysis in industry using GSM.
119. Cell phone based street light control system for colony using GSM modem and LDR.
120. Dam water level intimation & alerting system using GSM.
121. Electronic lock based security system using SMS alert and automatic door lock facility.
122. GSM based digital notices board and voting system as yes or not by SMS.
123. GSM based industrial protection system using temp, smoke, sensor and LDR.
124. Intelligent system for hazardous gas and human detection and alert using GSM technology.
125. Railway level crossing gate control through SMS by the station master or the driver alarm with indicator.
126. SMS based speed and direction control of DC motor.
127. SMS based speed and direction control of Stepper motor.
128. SMS based weather report information system (temperature and humidity and light monitoring).
129. Accident detection and reporting system using GPS,GPRS and GSM technology.
130. Accident identification with auto dialer.
131. Auto dialer.
132. Automatic dialing to any mobile on detecting Burglary Bank locker with SMS mobile alert Car security system.
133. Construction of microcontroller based touch screen mobile phone with password protected features.
134. DC motor speed and direction control over GSM mobile/modem.
135. Design and development of mobile phone using Modem, graphical LCD, buzzer and Touch screen based keyboard.
136. GPS &GSM real tracking system.
137. GSM based border alert system for fisherman.
138. GSM based automatic irrigation water controller system.
139. GSM based digital notice board with display on monitor or LCD display.
140. GSM based home security.
141. GSM +GPS based school kids tracking system, home automation through SMS.
142. Microcontroller and driven GPS clock (GPS+microcontroller+LCD) motor monitoring over GSM mobile.
143. Microcontroller and voice based alerting system for blind people with GPS enabled location identification.
144. Password protection GSM device control.
145. PIR+GSM based home security system.
146. Theft intimation of the vehicle over SMS to owner who can stop the engine remotely.
147. Touch screen GLCD based digital device control system.

148. RFID based attendance system.
149. RFID based passport details information system.
150. RFID based security access control system.
151. RFID based instantaneous vehicle registratio0n details extraction system.
152. RFID based security system.
153. RFID based toll gate.
154. RFID based library management system.
155. Library management using RFID billing using RFID.
156. RFID based animal identification system.
157. RFID based paid car parking system.

158. Finger print based student identification with RFID based library automation.
159. Finger print based authentication cash box opening and closing system.
160. Finger print based security system. 161. Finger print based voting system for rigging-free governing.
162. Biometric Finger print identification based bank locker security system.
163. Finger print authenticated, access control & automated door opening system.
164. Finger print based identity authentication for examination system.
165. Finger print based authentication for examination system.
166. Finger print based authentication and controlling system of device.
167. Finger print and keypad based security access control system.

168. PLC Based control system as real time project PLC Based automatic bottle filling system.
169. Fault detection and production of induction motor using sensor.
170. PLC Based automatic punching machine.
171. PLC Based injection molding machine controller.
172. PLC Based energy meter.
173. PLC Based automatic guided vehicle.
174. PLC Based industrial security system.
175. PLC Based irrigation system controller for garden.
176. PLC Based automatic industrial drainage timer.
177. PLC Based automatic multi –machine lubrication system.
178. PLC Based pressure controller.
179. Elevator control system using PLC.
180. PLC Based pick and place robot.

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